Great – Thanks – I´ll make a tutorial ☺

Lene Fischer

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It will depend on your attributes and how you have set it up, but, under Layer 
Properties, Style the colours can be set using the Data defined override option 
(Form Icon) Click on this and select Edit, from her you can create the 
variables you want. On the right you will see a group called Colour, depending 
on how you specify your colour will depend on how you use this. For example say 
you have RGB values in three diferent columns, select Colour and then 
colour_rgb this will add  color_rgba(     to your expression, then using Fields 
and Values, select the appropriate Red, Green and Blue attributes from the 
table and close the brackets you should have something like color_rgba("red", 
"green", "blue") you will know it has worked, as the Output Preview on the 
bottom left will display the RGB value.
Similarly, if you have a single column for your RGB (formatted correctly) the 
same formula would be used, buy you would have a single field (column) in the 
Hope this is clear!


On 05/07/2016 10:53, Lene Fischer wrote:
Looking for a tutorial for colorizing with values from the attribute table.
I have the RGB values, but can´t find a way to use it…

Forund this old one – but the functions has changed a lot since.


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