Thank you for your thoughts. Unfortunately the approach you suggest would not allow the tables to move up or down the page as objects are added or deleted from the maps in a dynamic way. I could add x and y fields for each attribute table to my Atlas control layer but I would need to update them every time new records were added. My document has 50 pages of maps so I was hoping for a solution that would use the position and size overides you describe but in a dynamic way.



On 06/07/16 11:35, Richard McDonnell wrote:
You can specify the position and size of the table?tables using attributes, you could set up an x and y column on your tables which you could use the *Data defined Overide* options to set your location this is under *Attribute Table, Item Options, Position and Size *on the composer.
Might be a solution for you!


On 05/07/2016 11:46, Martin Stubbs wrote:

I am producing a multi page document using the atlas function in print composer. I have pairs of pages with a map on the left side and 4 attribute tables on the facing page showing details of 4 different objects on the map. For each pair of pages there are a variable number of objects shown of each type. Each object is fetch from its own postgis table as the fields stored for each object is different.

At the moment I have the attribute tables defined to handle the largest number of items found on the map but this means, on some pages, there are large gaps before the next table starts. Would it be possible to have a variable exported from an attribute table that could be used to position the next table a suitable distance apart?

Thanks for the help

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