This could work but there may be a more efficient way.   Here are my ideas.
1) Split vector layer using the  ID for each plot/cluster.2) Create a polygone 
from the file extent. (use the processing toolbox), merge all the polygone into 
1 file.3) Find the centroid of this shape and the maximum extent of the file or 
the maximum extent of the shape (field calculator). 4) Use the Create Buffers 
tools (on the centroid file) in the MMQGIS plugin.  You can create a circle 
based on a Radius specified in a column (the max file extent).
Step 1 could also be create convex hull for every group of points. Perhaps this 
can be done by aggregating the points into a multi point files. 
(vector/geometry tool/single part to multipart).
From: ml-node+s1560n5275434...@n6.nabble.com
To: nicolas.cadi...@archeotec.ca
Date: Fri, 8 Jul 2016 07:33:36 -0600
Subject: Minimum bounding circle from cluster of points

        Hi all,
Looking for help aggregating some field data subplots to the plot level. In the 
attached screenshot, you can see clusters of 4 points (4 subplots = 1 plot). 
I'd like to create a circle around each cluster that is the smallest circle 
that would encompass all 4 points. Sort of like a convex hull, but a circle 
(convex hull, in this case, would give me a triangle). Is there a tool or a 
series of steps to accomplish this without doing it manually? In the attribute 
table, I have a unique ID for each plot/cluster. So for each plot ID (in this 
case, consisting of 4 subplots), I'd like to build a circle around all of the 
I should also mention that it's not always 4 points (subplots), and they aren't 
always covering the same size area on the ground.
I have QGIS 2.14.2 as well as one of the nightly builds from a few weeks ago 
(can download the newest one if necessary).
Thanks in advance for any ideas/insights! Google has not helped me so much yet 
with this one!Tina


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