Definitely not a laptop cpu or memory problem.  I run Qgis with a window7 
core 2 cpu with no trouble for everything except Lidar. 
Try using the simplesvg  plugin to save the shape file or maybe try a 
"save as" for the layer. 
Don't try to save a layer with the print composer.  If you have funny 
crashes, try deactivating all the plugins except to one you really need. 
On Jul 8, 2016 20:48, "Phillip Money [via OSGeo.org]" 
<ml-node+s1560n5275500...@n6.nabble.com> wrote: 


I have a 50 MB shapefile. I am trying to import it into Illustrator. When I try 
printing to an svg file from the Print Composer, QGIS crashes. I am using QGIS 
Essen 2.14.3. I have tried lots of different things:     simplifying the 
geometry (QGIS crashes)     trying to print to a postscript file (will only 
print to a prn file, which Illustrator can't read)     installing Cute PDF 
(doesn't really work in Illustrator) I am using a laptop with Windows 10, 
32 bit and 4gb of RAM. Will upgrading to a new machine with 8gb of RAM and 
64-bit windows 10 make any difference? I can't afford a new laptop, but I 
need to output to Illustrator so will probably have to bite the bullet. Any  
help would be appreciated. Regards Phillip Money                                
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