That's a question for R that you can access with Qgis but personally, I find it 
just easier to use R directly.  Saga, may have a local Moran and probably 
Grass.  Open the processing plugins and search for the geospatial 
statistics and a few will pop up from Grass and Saga. 
 A very easy way would be to use CrimeSat software.  It works with 
shapefiles, has tons of spatial statistics.  I am 95% sure it has a local 
Moran or other autocorrelation statistics.  It's well documented 
also.  Just Google it. It's open source. 
On Jul 11, 2016 9:01 PM, "carlos hernandez [via OSGeo.org] " 
<ml-node+s1560n5275834...@n6.nabble.com> wrote: 

        Hello, I wanted to know if someone of you have worked with PySAL or 
spatial autocorrelation with local moran index? i just need it becouse i have a 
vectorial layer of points and i want to know the local moral index for each 
point.  in other way  if you know how to clean not spatial autocorrelated 
inliers of a vectorial liyer of points with python or QGIS i will be so 
gratefull. Yours sincerely. Carlos 

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