Yes, Processing WAS enabled, and it was broken!. I've uninstalled it and
now all is fine: Processing plugin was in conflict with Processing core.

So... it affects to updates from 2.14 to 2.16. All of you are advised:
after updating, you must unistall processing plugin, cause now it's part of
QGIS core.

Good QGISing!

Carlos Cerdán

2016-07-12 8:50 GMT-05:00 Richard Duivenvoorde <>:

> On 12-07-16 15:29, Carlos Cerdán wrote:
> > There is an issue that can be related with this: ftools disappeared in
> > QGIS 2.16  (Ubuntu 16.04. Don't know about windows); so we still can't
> > do basic vectorial geoprocessing. I guess it's under revision.
> I do not think it is related.
> Do you have 'processing'-plugin enabled?
> Because that is the one that provides all vector algorithms nowadays. If
> you van processing disabled, you will not see them in vector-menu.
> Else, try to start qgis from command line in a new configuration:
> qgis --configpath /tmp/foo
> so you will have a fresh setup (and processing enabled by default).
> Regards,
> Richard
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