Hi Thomas, 

Marking a thread as "solved" as you did is just fine - but don't forget
to also reply to the mailing-list ;-) 

The Shapefiles from Autocad seems to be a separate issue - please report
it at hub.qgis.org and upload sample data to reproduce the issue. 


On 2016-07-14 11:47, Thomas Dunz wrote:

> Hi Andreas
> The problem was, that the panel "Identify Results" didn't show up, but the 
> panel which is used bey inserting new objects.
> I could solve that just now with the help of a friend, who encountered the 
> same.
> The problem occures with shape-files (ESRI) which were exported by AutoCADMap 
> (version 2008). When I save this layers in QGIS as shp-Format, with the new 
> file everything works nicely. Therefore it seems to be an exportproblem auf 
> my ACADMap.
> Thanks a lot for your effort
> Thomas
> PS: How can I mark that thread solved?
> Hi Thomas, 
> What exactly would you expect? To see the form directly? 
> Note that the Info Tool has it's own panel titled "Identify Results". In 
> there you can change to different modes: 
> * Current Layer
> * Top down, stop at first
> * Top down
> * Layer selection
> And there is a checkbox to open the form if there is only one hit. Note that 
> if you have multiple hits, you need to select in the list in the panel for 
> which feature you want to open the form.  
> The "Layer selection" (context menu in the map) and the "Top down, stop at 
> first" are the two most useful modes in my opinion. 
> All of the modes should honor the "identifyable" checkbox in the project 
> properties. 
> Hope this clarifies how it behaves? If not, please clarify what exactly 
> fails. 
> Greetings, 
> Andreas 
> On 2016-07-14 10:27, Thomas Dunz wrote: 
> Hi
> I encouter the following  problem with the infotool in QGIS vers. 8.6, Win 7 
> (please notify that I translatetd the menuitems from german to english, so 
> the might differ a littel from the original wording - but I hope, I made the 
> point clear):
> When hitting the infotool-button or via menu "View->Object identify 
> (Ctrl,Shift,i)", I see only the attributes written in the attributetable. 
> Ctrl,Shift,I doesnt work at all.
> The checkbox in the menu "project->projectproperties->Layer identfiable" 
> doesn't affect that behaviour. The attributetable attributes are shown even 
> when "identifiable" is not marked.
> The same appears when i try out a higher version of QGIS (2.12).
> Any suggestions how to fix? Thanks in advance.
> Thomas

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