Hi All,

I always struggle with the Options in Processing when I try to insert the
correct path for a Provider. Is there anywhere that there is some
documentation about what those settings should be?

I do realise that these come from a variety of sources and may vary from
installation to installation. But isn't it time that QGIS moved away from
users needing to know the intricacies of each installation? Why can't QGIS
work straight out from the installation by now? I want to be getting on
with my GIS work and analysis of data. I don't need to know about the
details of the entrails, do I?

And yes, I am a Windows user and I am quite happy with being provided with
an .exe file that just installs everything I need.

<end rant>

Johanna Botman
GIS / Assets Officer

Griffith City Council
Ph: 02 6962 8168
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