On 21-07-16 09:05, Matthias Kuhn wrote:

>> https://docs.qgis.org/testing/en/docs/user_manual/processing/3rdParty.html#configuring-external-applications
> I noticed google often brings up links to old documentation pages.
> Would it be hard to print a warning on top of documentation pages for
> old versions with links to the latest and greatest version? (Or even
> better/besides this somehow tweak google into directly displaying the
> links to the latest by default).

Mmm, we do not 'build' the old ones anymore, they just stay 'online'.

But I think we should decide which ones we want to keep online anyway,
and then redirect the links to the old version.
For example 1.8 docs... do we still want that online (Sourcepole QGIS is
not based on 1.8 anymore is it?)/
Same with 2.6... I think this should be redirected to 2.8 version.

For 2.8 (old stable docs) we can create a javascript thingie which
injects some html with links I think, because we put that in the
page-template and rebuild 2.8

Same for 2.14 and testing...

Older versions: more work as I'm not sure if they still 'build' with
current tool chain... you would have to touch every html file there...


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