I came across this problem before in a previous version but seem to be having 
the same issue in 2.16.0.

I have a project with a fairly simple PostGIS polygon layer and a WMS layer - I 
then use the print composer to compose a basic map, and then export it to a 
PDF. After saving the project and print composer, closing the project down and 
trying to re-open, the project opens, but the layers do not draw up and the 
'Project loaded' message stays in the bottom left hand corner along with the 
blue status bar and does not move. I try to click on a layer and it goes to not 

Just wondering if anyone else has this problem? As mentioned it has happened in 
previous versions where I have exported PDFs with a WMS layer and then when I 
try to reopen the project it seems to fail.

Thanks, Chris

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