I have been trying to use WMS urls advertised in Lizmap 3 and I have encountered the following issues:

1) The serverName seems to be fixed at "installation time" in the index~config.ini.php.conf.php and admin~config.ini.php.conf.php files under temp/lizmap/www

I have not been able to find a way to update the serverName from the administration web interface. A reason to do that is that lizmap was installed and tested in an isolated subnetwork. After being configured the system was moved to its "real" network (new IP number) and a FQDN.

Shouldn't the advertised wms URL use a hostname/IP detected from the current url request instead of an internal variable? otherwise, it would be great if the variable could be modified from the admin interface instead of "tampering" with above mentioned files.

2) The WMS url works fine from QGIS-desktop, but it doesn't from ESRI products (arcgis desktop, arcgis online) or directly from the browser or even from an online WMS renderer. GetCapabilities request works, and therefore the layers are listed (at least in esri products), also the legend's urls are properly rendered, but the actual map of a GetMap request is blank. Is there an extra setup to make the wms compatible with ESRI? or another workaround?


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