On Wed, Jul 27, 2016 at 02:47:39AM -0400, AW wrote:
> 100% agreed, Sandro.
> I did a quick search in the QGIS hub for the mentioned issue, but couldn't 
> find it for now.

I found this one, for allowing the specification of a "bbox" column
to use for filtering:

And this, to allow keyword substitution:

I guess the latter would deprecate the former.
Your comments on the ticket(s) would be welcome.

> Is there anybody who can comment on the complexity of such a change?
> Would such a change in the PostGIS provider - despite the positive effects on 
> the handling of topologies - be even wanted?

Well, I would want it :)

> I am not experienced with creating QGIS Plugins... could that be a feasible 
> quick option in case a change of the provider is not a thing which would be 
> quickly implemented?

I guess a plugin could effectively change the query associated with
a layer so to filter by current bbox against an arbitrary column,
but I'm not sure what would be "quicker"...

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