2016-07-29 2:17 GMT+02:00 damos <damien.steph...@gmail.com>:
> Hi. was wondering if there is any currently available method to have a
> similar functionality to the way that mapinfo works with MSSql tables.
> in a nutshell you have the option of a linked table or a live table.
> I would like the linked option, where once the connection is made a local
> copy of the table is created. this local copy can then be refreshed with the
> push of a button.
> This is great for field work where you dont have a reliable internet
> connection. I know that I can get a live connection, save the live table as
> a layer definition file then save as a shape or spatiallite table, then copy
> and paste the styles across or set the default qml file, then close and
> reopen the LDF and resave but that is a lot of messing around.
> any assistance gratefully accepted.

The Offline Editing Plugin might help you. It can copy your vector
data to a spatialite database and synchronize it on demand.


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