Hello all,

I am with a junior exploration and mining company that is interested in 
evaluating the possibility of sponsoring some geological plugins for QGIS.  
These would be to support the creation of sections (vertical, horizontal and 
possibly inclined planes) through a collection of drill holes.  We would be 
pleased to see these out in the public domain to encourage the use of QGIS in 
geosciences, so this is not intended for our use only.

I’m not sure what the appropriate venue is to pursue this further and 
eventually estimate a cost.  I’ve worked with computer science coop students in 
the past on similar kids of projects so as an initial estimate I’ve used that 
to get a ball park figure for one way to go about this.

Please discuss by replying to the list or to me directly if you prefer.

Thanks!  I look forward to discussion.

John Harrop
VP Exploration
International Lithium Corp

PO Box 11604
Suite 620 - 650 West Georgia St
Vancouver, BC   V6B 4N9

604 687-7551 office
604 715-0987 cell

j.harrop Skype

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