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Thanks for this. The multipart to single part seemed to clean the file as
well as show that one of my polylines existed in three separate segments. So
the file now contains 8 features whether I open it in QGIS or other

When I was digitising I wanted to use part of one line I'd already digitised
in another line, so I made a copy, cut the line and must have incorrectly
discarded the unwanted part, or inadvertently made a second copy.

If I want to combine my line which is currently in three segments into a
single feature how do I do that? Do the different segments have to have
identical end points to join properly? (At the moment there are small gaps
between the different segments.)

Maybe now v.clean is the right tool. I love it ;)
Select "snap" there and set the threshold for the estimated width of your gaps + x. If this doesn't work (documentation refers to vertices snapped to lines, not vertices to vertices), try the same, but leave the so threshold low that it will not trigger a snap, but go to the advanced settings and rise the threshold for snapping there. This is a different function in GRASS, where you can perform basic cleaning and snapping while importing the data set into GRASS.

I think that you will then still have separate features, but spatially aligned. If your line segments have a common value or id, try "Line dissolve" from SAGA in the toolbox.

Anyway, hard to give the proper hints without seeing the data. For me it's always a trial-and-error-game, too.


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