On 04-08-16 07:44, Michael Moore wrote:
> Hello, 
> I'm using the KyngChaos builds on OSX which doesn't have MySQL support. 
> I found a thread [1] from July, 2015 where William said "I haven't
> packaged a GDAL plugin for MySQL yet, it's on my list of things to do
> but it's not very high priority."
> I just wanted to add a patient request for this to happen and see where
> it stands on the priority list these days. 
> I've been working on adding some lightweight spatial capabilities to the
> WordPress CMS, which uses MySQL as its database. What I'm doing isn't
> intensive GIS, by any means, but it would be really convenient to be
> able to quickly visualize and modify the data I'm working with in QGIS.

Hi Michael,

While not packaged/waiting: not sure but IF MySQL is supported in Ubuntu
builds, you could try to run a virtual machine (Virtualbox?) with a
minimal Ubuntu and install QGIS in that?

Not sure how good Docker is working on Mac, but Tim Sutton also created
a Docker image which will run QGIS in a Docker container:
but output it to your X-server (uh... does Mac still us X???)?

Or if all that fails: get an old laptop and install Ubuntu on it :-)


Richard Duivenvoorde

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