I have been working on a project using geo-referenced pdf files in GQIS, both 
2.16 and 2.14.3 on a Windows 10 machine. In windows I can bring the pdf’s in as 
raster layers with no problems. 

However, when I open the same project in QGIS on my mac the layers come up as 
bad layers when the project opens. If I try to reload the pdfs as raster layers 
I get an error message saying that pdf is not a supported raster data source. 
Also, PDF is not available in the list of raster file types.

Can anyone suggest what I’m doing wrong please? Or is this a feature of the 
operating system on a Mac. My knowledge of GIS is very rudimentary and I can’t 
do anything complex in GDAL (what ever that is!)

many thanks for any help

Jane James 
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