On 16-08-16 16:14, Carlos Cerdán wrote:
> HI John:
> Do you have NAN values in your raster file?.
> I' found that with such layers, QGIS 2.16 crashes when I try to make
> pseudocolor style,  both Windows and Linux. Perhaps your case is related,
> Developers, please take note about it.
> While, if you are in a hurry, try a LTR QGIS version, 2.14 or 2.8 (I'm
> not sure). Some time ago I could work with this kind of raster layer
> without troubles.

Hi Carlos,

If you want this to be picked up as a bug/issue, it is better if you
create an issue for [0] it.
Especially if you have some sample data with which dev's can test the
issue. Please attach such (small) dataset to the issue.


Richard Duivenvoorde


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