Thanks for Andreas, It works.



From:"Neumann, Andreas" <>
Date:2016-08-18 14:51
Subject:Re: Re: [Qgis-user] My text was cutted by Qgis-server
Cc:"QGIS User List"<>

Hi zhangkai,
Please do not reply to me privately. Always reply to the mailing list.
From what you describe below, you are doing tiled WMS requests in OpenLayers 2. 
Switch to single tile WMS mode and you should be fine. It will then behave the 
same like in QGIS Desktop.
See also
 or the OpenLayers 2 WMS documentation:
Just use "singleTile: true" and you should be fine.
On 2016-08-18 07:25, zhangkai.gis wrote:
Hello Andreas,
Thanks for your reply.I made a map then publish to qgis server.Most settings 
are default.When I use Qgis desktop as a web client It works perfect.But when I 
use OpenLayers 2 to display the map My font was cutted.I made a label with 
point layer.
My server address is


From:"Neumann, Andreas" <>
Date:2016-08-17 14:41
Subject:Re: [Qgis-user] My text was cutted by Qgis-server
To:"Paolo Cavallini"<>

Hi Zhangkai,
Please be more specific about what your real issue is. Are you using tiles or a 
single image WMS? Where exactly are the labels cut? At the image border or 
somewhere inside the rendered image?
What label methods are you using? What settings?
Is your server publically available so we can check? Can you share a small demo 
showing the issue?
Best, would be to open a bug report at and upload some 
project and small sample data set and steps to reproduce.
We need much more information in order to help you.
On 2016-08-17 08:33, Paolo Cavallini wrote:
Il 15/08/2016 03:07, zhangkai.gis ha scritto: 
Hello all,
    I published a map(based shp layer) though Qgis-server.I make a layer
with point,then I add label to the I got a text layer in
Qgis.But when I publish it through the Qgis-server.I found that some
text was cutted and did not shown.Is it the correct way to publish text
layer?How to improve it?

Hi zhangkai,
pleas euse exactly the same font on the desktop and on the server.
All the best.
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