You could try adjusting the X and/or Y offset for each tube line although it 
doesn’t draw them exactly parallel.  In my example my line width is 2 units and 
I have duplicated the lines and offset one layer 1 unit and the other -1 unit

See a similar question on stackexchange:



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Well, depending on how many classes you have for routes, you could make each 
type (class ) a differnt width, and stack the lines on top of each other with 
the widest one at the bottom of the stack.

If you don’t have vertical order control, you m,ight be able to get away with 
some level of opacity applied to each trail in order to see through to the next 
line type.


On Aug 18, 2016, at 12:20 PM,<> wrote:

I am trying to draw a transport network within qgis, sometimes  two network 
links share same path with the result the qigs draw each link on top of each 

Is there anyway of getting qgis to draw the links next to each other?

For example with the tub network the district and circle line is drawn as two 
lines yellow and green next to each other when they share a common route.  Qgis 
would draw the green line on top of the yellow line

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