I have recently updated Qgis to 2.16.1 and Ubuntu to 16.04 LTS

Since then, whenever I try to open a processing tool from the processing
toolbox, Qgis crashes (no error message is shown).

Has this happened to anyone? Is there a known bug or something? As far as I
can tell, Qgis seems to be working properly otherwise.

Thanks a lot i advance!

Stéphane Henriod
CIM-Expert for GIS and Green Economy Statistics

Национальный статистический комитет Кыргызской Республики
Кыргыз Республикасынын Улуттук статистика комитети
National Statistical Committee of the Kyrgyz Republic

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720033 Бишкек / Bishkek

T   +996 778 46 99 02 (KG)
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W   http://www.stat.kg
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