Hi QGIS users!

I've released the AutoFields plugin [1] and would like to tell you about it.

You might have needed to get automatic calculations on some fields when you
create or modify features in a vector layer. Well, that's what the
AutoFields plugin allows you to achieve.

With the AutoFields plugin you can set an expression over new or existing
fields and get automatically calculated values as soon as you digitize
geometries. A field with such capabilities is called an AutoField.

You could close QGIS and AutoFields will be remembered for you next time
you use their corresponding layers in any other QGIS project.

Have a look at the documentation of the plugin [2], which contains usage
instructions, video examples, and FAQ, among other sections. If you know
Python, you can even create and use AutoFields from PyQGIS; instructions
are also in the documentation.

I recommend that you watch this video [3] to see AutoFields in action.

If you have any question, don't hesitate to ask. Hope you find the plugin


[1] http://plugins.qgis.org/plugins/AutoFields/
[3] https://vimeo.com/germap/autofields-geometric-properties
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