I know that few times people were asking here about tablets, so sorry for my question;) - I need cheap tablet that would be good for working with qgis outdoor. Right now I bought good gps bluetooth receiver, so next could be a tablet. I'd rather buy sth with windows on board, as I will need use not only qgis but also some other windows software.

I don't have too much cash, so the most important thing would be - 1) working time on one battery, 2) size of screen - 6 or 7 inches. My typical job day - 8 or more hrs I walk through woodlands, I have to digitise my work as a layer, so for example - exact borders of tree stands, roads, borders of habitats - everything that can be visualize in gis etc. I'm forester if that could be helpful for understanding my needs :) Probably I would use qgis more as a mobile viewer of all rasters and layers in qgs project. Right now I use my android smartphone for that (Oruxmaps) but I would like to make some edits outdoor - right now I have to do that after my jobday.

Thanks for any thoughts or recomendations.

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