On 23-08-16 23:41, Tom Kralidis wrote:
> Hi Paolo: thanks for the info.  I've backed up some relevant
> MetaSearch wiki pages.
> I'm guessing the issues will be ported over as part of the migration?

Mmm, unfortunately not :-(

Because of the (old) Redmine version some redmine2github exporters we
found on Github just did not work (at least not for the
QGIS-application). We also hit the 'api-throtteling-limit' pretty soon...

We are preparing a dedicated server, now to run a recent version of
Redmine. But we choose to only run the issuetracker, so no
wiki-pages/project pages anymore. The Redmine is a vanilla as possible
to minimize work on updates/wikispam etc etc.

BUT: as MetaSearch is a core plugin 'your' plugin's will be in the
QGIS-application ones?



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