Hi Grant, 

I checked with "Font Markers" and it seems like the "Font family" is the
only parameter that isn't data-defined ;-( I don't know why. 

But if you use "Labels" combined with the "no symbol" renderer you can
easily simulate that. With labels you can data-define both the "Font",
but also the label content (glyph). If you use "offset from point" in
the "placement" setting and use the center, it should appear exactly at
the points location. 

Hope this helps, 


On 2016-08-29 09:44, Grant Boxer wrote:

> Hi Andreas, 
> They may be different font sets, and I think, I may be wrong, that the font 
> codes are not unique and that you probably need to specify the font and the 
> symbol code. Perhaps I am making this too complicated. The easiest way is to 
> have a layer for each font symbol, but then you end up with many layers. 
> I have used the svg file names in the data override option to select 
> different svg markers, but I was wondering if this works for font symbols as 
> well. 
> Cheers Grant 
> FROM: Neumann, Andreas [mailto:a.neum...@carto.net] 
> SENT: Monday, 29 August 2016 3:17 PM
> TO: Grant Boxer
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> SUBJECT: Re: [Qgis-user] Font Markers 
> On 2016-08-29 09:14, Neumann, Andreas wrote:
>> Hi Grant, 
>> I assume that all of your symbols are within the same font - correct? 
>> If yes, if you open the font in your operating system font viewer you will 
>> see each symbol and what character it is representing. You can then use this 
>> character either in classified rendereres, rule-based renderers or in a QGIS 
>> expression, e.g. with a CASE statement. You enter the chosen character in 
>> "Layer properties" --> "Labels" --> "Label with".
> or in your case probably you want to use it directly as a marker: "Layer 
> properties" --> Style --> Marker --> Font Marker --> Chose a character 
> interactively or use a data-defined expression. 
> ---------------- 
> Please consult the styling chapter of the QGIS manual for more details: 
> http://docs.qgis.org/2.14/en/docs/user_manual/working_with_vector/vector_properties.html#style-menu
>  [1]- it helps you get going. 
> And: please do not forget to cc the Qgis-user@lists.osgeo.org mailing list if 
> you correspond with people. Otherwise only you see the responses and the rest 
> of the world can't read/contribute to the issue. 
> Greetings, 
> Andreas 
> On 2016-08-29 08:50, Grant Boxer wrote:


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