A few week ago I went of vacation to visit some archeological sites. I keep
a database of these sites that I wanted to format so that I could load them
onto my Garmin devices. Neither right mouse clicking on my layer and saving
it as a GPX file nor GPS Tools did what I needed so I wrote a python script
to format my data as POI files so that I could load them onto my GPS
devices the way I wanted them. Afterwords, I decided to make my script into
a plugin.

I am planning on uploading this to the QGIS plugin repository, but before I
do I wanted to solicit any comments for the QGIS community. Here is where
you can the plugin on GitHub.


When you download it rename the folder to poiexport and drop it into your
QGIS plugin folder. It installs itself under Vector->GPS->POI Exporter.

This was designed to work with my Garmin devices, but I am hoping it will
work with others and would like to know if it does. If there are some
changes that can be made, that do not get into proprietary formats, then I
may consider supporting them.

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