On 31-08-16 21:10, Andrea Peri wrote:
> Hi,
> I notive that in the qgis 2.14.5 and in the qgis 2.16.1
> when adding a layer wms choosing from a list of layers available in
> the wms service connected,
> qgis retrieve as legend of the layer ALL the legends of all the wms
> layer available in the wms service.
> Using the 2.8 QGIS version, the legend is retrieve correctly (only the
> layer choosed).
> Someone can confirm this as an issue ?

Hi Andrea,

nope, I have 2.16.1 here, and for example this wms:


I can choose either provincies or landsgrenzen (provinces or country
borders), from that same server and both have their own legend.

Do you have a WMS url for which this happens for you?

What if you look at the capabilities of that service and do the
getLegendGrapicRequest by hand. Is it also wrong?

Else: create a good issue, with url's screendumps etc etc


Richard Duivenvoorde

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