I have a problem with the map view. After a while i opend a qgis
project, the map view was blinking and then the map view was blank.

The message in the log was:

2016-09-06T08:57:48     1       Wald_Alpthal2016090608570869732445 ::
Speicher reicht für Bild 1572x942 nicht aus

The workaround is now to make the map view smaller. Then it work for
while. But the behavior comes back, then i have to make again the map
view smaller or to close the project file.

I use Windows 7 32-bit with 4 GB RAM and QGIS 2.8.9. 

Has anybody a hint for me? To change my computer is not easy, because
we have very strong internal restrictions.

Jürg Lindauer

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