Hi list:

I have got a rasters set for montly precipitation, between 1981 and 2015,
with names 1981-01; 1981-02; etc. so, in a files browser, 420 files (36
years x 12 months) are showed, ordered.

I also have a shape of points where I want to sampling points whit such
plugin, but when I use it, fields are ordered randomly, so I'll have to use
table manager plugin to order fields.

Some advice about how to make it directly, keeping order? Does "point
sampling tool" plugin keep order with some way to order layers in QGIS

As a shape file has limitations about the number of fields (255?) I have to
do it in parts of 10 years. After it, i hope to join these parts in
Spatialite. Is there some way to do it directly in Spatialite?


Carlos Cerdán
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