Been doing some searches on this topic and I though I would put it out here
to see if anyone has a direction they can point me in. When I worked with
NS Power we had a Oracle SDE Database through Esri and we could all edit
our areas independently of one another and at the same time by bringing
down a "version". We would work in a that "version" and when done reconcile
it to the master database.
I have also heard of people making python scripts to do something similar
with filegeodatabases where it looks for changes by going through the edit
date time and user stamps and amending those changes to the master.
Not finding much on how or if these things can be accomplished in a QGIS
Spatialite/SQLite environment and I suspect I am not using the proper
terminologies in my searches. So if this is something that some of you have
handled with in the past could you give me some direction please on where I
can find some examples and information on how to set something like this up?

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