Some algorithms in the processing tool box rely on software that in not 
installed on Qgis. It seems that this is the case with Orfeo toolbox.

First, find and install the software on the net.  Orfeo Toolbox is open source. 
 Then, click on the processing menu in Qgis and you will see the options 
(settings, options, or configuration (I am not in front of a screen)) to set 
the directory of the binaries (normally the .exe file).   Once this is done, 
you will be able to use the toolbox.  Close and reopen this directory screen to 
make sure it saved the directory properly.  

You can also do that in Qgis without Orfeo (but Orfeo is very good).   In the 
Qgis raster menu, you will find the gdal translate function.  Select the input 
file,  the output file and the rest of the options.  You will see on the bottom 
of the window the gdal script that is modified as you fill in the options.  
Then click on the small yellow pencil and then finally on the help button.  
That will bring you to a web page where you can see options that are not in the 
Qgis gui.  Add the -b switch to the script.  If you add "-b 4" (no quotes) you 
will save band 4 only.  See.


I Imagine you can also do this in the processing toolbox.  If you right click 
on the algorithm , you will see the option to script the function multiple 
times.  This way, you can set the scripts so that, if you have 10 bands, you 
can set all 10 output files. That will save you time. There should be a space 
where you can add additional switches.  Add the -b 1 in the there then -b 2 for 
the next file...  Once you have set up everything, Qgis will save all the files 
in one shot.

Good luck

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> Le 10 sept. 2016 à 01:42, Geraud C. Tasse [via OSGeo.org] 
> <ml-node+s1560n5285067...@n6.nabble.com> a écrit :
> Dear all, 
> I am using QGIS 2.16.2 and wish to split a multiband image into individual 
> raster. In the Orfeo Toolbox I can see the algorithm split image but when I 
> want to select it I keep receiving an error message:  Missing dependency. 
> This algorithm cannot be run :-(
> OTB folder is not configured. Please configure it before running OTB 
> algorithms.
> Could someone tell me how to configure it?
> Thanks
> Geraud 
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