I have a set of tifs that cause an AppCrash on load to 2.14.6 and 2.16, either 
immediately on load or shortly after.  I can load and work with these files 
without problem in QGIS 2.8.6

I have produced 4 small hillshade tifs, each less than 1000 Kb in size. Each 
has a world file and a kml in the same directory.  I have uploaded them to 

We have a networked Windows 7 32bit environment running OSGeo4W (qgis-ltr) as 
well as a local Windows 7 32 bit environment running OSGeo4W (qgis-ltr and 
qgis)  and the problem shows in all 3 installations.  The QGIS 2.8 that loads 
the files successfully is also running on a networked Windows 32bit 
environment.  Storing the files on a networked vs. local drive doesn't seem to 
impact the problem.

The CRS of the files is 32619.  I have tried eliminating Reprojection in my 
settings and in the project settings.

I have produced the data by following the instructions in the following 3 
(excellent!) tutorials from LASTools, using their test data.  I didn't get any 
errors in generation, and the tiles look very nice in 2.8, so I don't .think. 
they are corrupt.




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