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> Using the 5 year groupings, this is I want from Time Manager:
> Frame 1 - road crashes 2001 to 2005
> Frame 2 - road crashes 2002 to 2006
> Frame 3 - road crashes 2003 to 2007
> ...
> Frame 12 - road crashes 2012 to 2016
> My understanding is that for this the Time Frame Size is 'one year' as
> that is the interval between each frame.  (Correct me if I am wrong)

Hi H,

first I thought my current Pull Request is what you wanted

but that one just creates distinct 5 year timeframes starting on a clear
But currently  TimeManager like this:: the 'time frame' is actually also
the 'step size'.


You want a 'time frame' of 5, but a step frame of 1, which seems not so
difficult to implement...: just a gui item (which defaults to
'timeframe'-size) and some login changes in the stepping code?
Should be doable for a c++ coder ;-) just ping me (Anita?, Caroline?)
for help

By the way, your leap year problem is a difficult one anyway, Time and
Dates are ugly sometimes and NOT on your side :-)

Also on my wish list:

- keep a the start-date of the frame 'fixed' (in that way, actually not
moving a frame, but resizing/enlarging it every step) for example to
show the historical growing of a city

- a more minimized gui, eg more like:
http://pix.toile-libre.org/?img=1474092844.png so moving some current
items to settings


Richard Duivenvoorde

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