I have a composer and I use the atlas functionality to create PDFs. I have
point features, and these are contained within different zones. I use atlas
to create a map of each zone.

The layout is 2 pages, the first page is the map, the 2nd page is a table,
made up of 5 frames so I have space for around 250 features in the table.

The table displays correctly when I preview the composers in QGIS, but when
I try to export to PDF, it refuses to export some of the pages with the
tables on (about 5 out of 20 zones). It seems like the pages it wont export
are where there is under a certain number of points within the atlas

I can get around this if I make the frames smaller in height, but then I
cant get all the features in the table for some of my zones.

Is anyone else getting this problem? I cant share my actual data, and I
dont have time at the moment to see if this happens with other random data.
I can try to recreate next week, but just wondered if anyone else is
struggling with this problem too.

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