I wanted to load WFS data from a server. But I only get one feature (if "cache feature" is not set) or I get nothing and it says layer is not valid and cannot be added to the map and timeout (if "cache feature" is set).
In the dialog of adding the WFS layer of the server I made the following settings:
* I entered no filter
* I made no SQL selection
* I said just "add"
THis is given as data source for the layer with one feature:
I used QGIS2.14
On my private computer I tried it with QGIS2.16. There I had the possibility to set the maxfeature number, which I set  to 1000 and got 1000 features in the attribute layer, but nothing was shown in the map (only when I edited the layer, then the red crosses were shown).
I would be glad if someone could help me (if possible, for version 2.14), thank you!
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