I have a shapefile I exported from a filegeodatabase that has been edited
by a another individual and returned to me. I appended the edits to the
corresponding featureclass in the geodatabase using ArcDesktop then
exported a new shapefile to continue editing. The new shapefile for some
reason will only hold 7 digits yet there are numerous 10 digit numbers
pre-existing. The field description is double, real, 18 so why will it only
accept 7 digits? The field is only suppose to be a scale of 10 with a
precision of 0, ArcDesktop sees this but QGIS insists all values are
Is there a way I can change the field type?
Has anyone had this happen to them before and have a way to fix it?
How can I prevent this from happening again?
(BTW: I didn't originally build this featureclass, if I had I would have
used longInt and not double precision in the first place.)
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