On 22/09/2016 12:15, Paolo Cavallini wrote:
> One other important point: the reason I originally proposed the grant
> programme was to recognize the huge volunteer work several people are
> donating to the project, and to help keeping their motivation high.
> My suggestion is therefore to prioritize the projects by the people you
> feel/know have contributed most to the project until now.

I disagree with this. A grant application is meant to give money for a
certain work. The background of the person applying for a grant has to
be taken into account for selection, for sure. But the grant itself
should be related to a work, and not to previous contributions.

If we want to recognize volunteer work and previous donations to the
project, then let's create a "QGIS contributor of the year prize" with a
dedicated amount of money offered, and vote for one every year. This
would be a nice way to keep people motivated.
But misusing a grant for work in this sense seems unfair to me.

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