Il 29/09/2016 01:12, Nikos Alexandris ha scritto:
> Stephane Goldstein:

>> I mostly work with shapefiles in the EPSG 4283 CRS.
>> Every time I run them through a GRASS processing algorithm, the output is
>> in EPSG 4019 (Unknown datum based upon the GRS 1980 ellipsoid)
> I think this is related to the (QGIS) project's coordinate reference
> system settings.  Could you, please, check and confirm?
> Best, Nikos
>> I know that in practical terms there is no difference, as both CRSs have
>> the same definition (+proj=longlat +ellps=GRS80 +no_defs), but I often
>> find
>> myself editing .prj files to keep consistency.
>> Why can't GRASS algorithms recognise EPSG 4823 and write shapefiles in
>> the
>> same CRS ?
>> Is there any way to fix this ?

Hi Nikos,
this is a known and long standing issue. Please search the relative
ticket and see if you can add further details. It would be very useful
if you could support its solution.
All the best.

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