I have created a database with spatialite_gui tool, the database has some 
spatial views created with a code like this

CREATE VIEW comunitorino AS
SELECT c.ROWID as rowid, c.cod_com, c.geometry
from comuni c;

INSERT INTO views_geometry_columns
    (view_name, view_geometry, view_rowid, f_table_name, 
  VALUES ('comunitorino', 'geometry', 'rowid', 'comuni', 'geometry',1)

The view can be load in QGIS by 'add spatialite layer' button

The problem is that if I use DB Manager and open the DB the view will not be 
seen as spatial view.

If I create the view in DB Manger with the "Create a view" button the view will 
be seen as spatial view.

Where is the mistake?



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