Hi All

Just a reminder to all QGIS Voting Members (see full list below) to please cast 
your votes for the 2016 Grant proposals. If your name is on this list, you 
should have cast a vote but have not done so yet:

The following have NOT YET voted:

Nathan  Woodrow
Larry   Shaffer
Alexander   Bruy
Regis   Haubourg
Lene Fischer
Anibal Alarcon
Ross Bredie
Simon Miles
João Gaspar
Kevin Williams
Thomas Schüttenberg

The following have voted:

Nyall Dawson
Brent Wood
Paolo Cavallini
Denis Rouzaud
Andreas Neumann
Matthias Kuhn
Giovanni Manghi
Werner Macho
Vincent Picavet
QGISBrasil community
Martin Dobias
Michael Smith
Kosuke ASAHI
Even Rouault
Milena Nowotarska

If your name is on the 'NOT YET' list, please take a minute to cast your vote!


Tim Sutton
QGIS Project Steering Committee Chair

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