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On 30 September 2016 at 16:47, C Hamilton <adenacult...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I thought I would share my recent accomplishments and my planned development
> activities on the d3datavis plugin. The overall goal is to produce a number
> of different charts for QGIS data analysis that can be displayed in a web
> page. So far I have one visualization and that is the D3 Circular Date/Time
> Heatmap. See:
> https://github.com/NationalSecurityAgency/qgis-d3datavis-plugin
> Scroll down to see an example of it in use.
> D3 Circular Date/Time Heatmap
> The purpose of this is to be able to display 2D circular heatmaps of
> temporal date and time distributions in the data. It is somewhat similar to
> the ArcGIS data clock.
> Recent Accomplishments
> Updated to version 0.2
> Added support for NULL data with a NULL data color.
> Added a legend.
> Rewrote the original circular D3 heatmap code to support the above changes
> as well as to support graduated colormaps which will be added to the QGIS
> plugin in a future release.
> Planned Improvements
> Rather than just support Date and Time for the axis also support other data
> type categories. This is currently under development.
> Add graduated colors with the colors selected from the QGIS color ramps.
> Allow for manual selection of the min & max values.
> Reorganize the code with all of the number crunching in a processing worker
> class.
> Any suggestions from the community?
> Next Possible Charts
> Here are some of the ideas of what I think should be done next, but I
> welcome your input as to what you think would be the most important so
> please let me know what you would like. If someone cares, I am more likely
> to work on it.
> Bar Chart. This could be used for frequency distributions. Do you have any
> other use cases?
> Scatter Plot. This would be for showing the data in two variables.
> Pie Chart. For showing categorical distribution of data. I like the
> http://d3pie.org/ chart, but am concerned that it is not being actively
> developed.
> Rectangular Heat Map. This would be similar to my circular heatmap only in a
> rectangular form.
> Bubble Chart. I am not sure they really have a practical value, but I think
> they are cool. See http://bl.ocks.org/mbostock/4063269.
> As much as possible I want to simplify my work. Rather then basing the code
> just on D3js it would be nice to use some of the higher level components
> such as:
> d3pie (http://d3pie.org/) - This is a very attractive pie chart and I like
> it, but it has only 7 contributors on GitHub and seems to be stagnant.
> D3Plus (http://d3plus.org/) - Has a number of reusable components - 19
> contributors on GitHub.
> NVD3 (http://nvd3.org/) - Lots of reusable components - 200 contributors on
> GitHub.
> C3 (http://c3js.org/) - Also a number of components - 88 contributors, but
> there haven't been any updates for over a year.
> Is there anything I am missing and do you have any recommendations? I have
> not done much D3 programming but can make use of the ideas of what others
> have done. If you have any use cases, that helps me to see what needs to be
> done.
> Thanks,
> C. Hamilton
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