Hi Anita,

Hmm... I was expecting that, but it doesn't behave that way. I've checked the processing settings, see pic.

I found out in a training session today, all five QGIS users on their own laptops experienced the same... No, four, one was using 2.14 :-)

The clip itself runs fine (I checked using a /Provider feature filter/ as a workaround), but the active selection is not used. Maybe broken?


Op 3-10-2016 om 22:20 schreef Anita Graser:
Hi Erik,

On Mon, Oct 3, 2016 at 10:10 PM, Erik <e...@geo-academie.nl <mailto:e...@geo-academie.nl>> wrote:

    Hi all, With the new processing tools (instead of the ftools I
    think?) I cannot seem to find the option to clip using "only
    selected objects". Am I missing something here, or is this by design?

‚ÄčProcessing uses "selected only" by default. If it doesn't behave that way, it's either deactivated in the Processing Settings or broken.

Best wishes,

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