On 07-10-16 16:56, Willem Korevaar wrote:
> According to th eopen data from teh Duch government this should be a
> JSON file:
> http://opendata.cbs.nl/ODataApi/OData/81884NED
> From
> :https://data.overheid.nl/data/dataset/onveiligheid-buurtkenmerken-2008-2009
> I cannot open it in QGIS with Protocol > url , there is a faillure and
> QGIS says it doesnt recognize it. Anyone?

Hi Willem,

QGIS does only geojson, to show features on a map.

the JSON from the REST service link you sent is a metdata record, to a
link which describes the service, and to typed and non typed data in a
(custom?) JSON format.

the actual data is:

but you would need some lines of python code to download this data, and
for example show it in a table. There is (to what I see no spatial data
in it. These are some relational tables though, for example in the
TypedDataSet they point to 'Buurtkenmerken'/'Neighourhood
characteristics' so if you are able to load the json into tables you can
at least join on those keys. I do not see relations with some spatial
data though (skimming quickly through
http://opendata.cbs.nl/ODataApi/OData/81188ned/TableInfos). Or maybe
'Buurtkenmerken' is some kind of pointer to a 'buurt' from
buurten/wijken kaart?


Richard Duivenvoorde

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