Hi Y'all,

I know the issue of not being able to invert the color ramp for a single
band pseudocolor has been brought up before. I have been watching the
issue, and it seems to be resolved according to this bug report:

I'm on a mac, so perhaps the fix isn't ready for us yet, but if it is, can
someone tell me how to get it? I'll have to revert to 2.14 if I can't get
this fix :( Woe is me! Right now I have 2.16.3.

I did try to grab the nightly build from Larry's site -
http://qgis.dakotacarto.com/, but when I download, I get version 2.15. I'm
positive I have either missed a new place to get the nightly or I'm doing
something dumb!

Someone please help and excuse my simpleton question!
Thank you,

Tina Cormier
Remote Sensing Analyst
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