Hello list

I have user with a project with a number of layers (both shapefile and 
PostGIS). Project CRS is EPSG:27700 and layer CRS is EPSG:27700 (British 
National Grid).  Normally, the mouse position box in the bottom panel shows 
coordinates in metres (easting and northing) but for some reason it is now 
displaying lon and lat instead.  Has the user added a layer with CRS EPSG:4326 
which QGIS has then reprojected on the fly to EPSG:27700? Possibly.  But why 
has the mouse display box switched to lon/lat?  Is there any way to get that 
back to easting/northing metres?  Am I missing something obvious?

The user has a number of points with coordinates in metres and wants to move 
them to the correct location but can't as the project is working in decimal 

Windows 7 64bit, QGIS 2.14.3 64bit, Postgresql 9.2, PostGIS 2.2

Thanks in advance


Ross McDonald | GIS Data Coordinator | Angus Council | Angus House, Orchardbank 
Business Park, Sylvie Way, Forfar DD8 1AT | t: 01307 476419

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