On 20-10-16 00:03, gor...@shieldaig.com wrote:
> Anyone know what I am missing?  The info will be much appreciated.
> qgis_core qgsvectorfilewriter.cpp -- warning
> qgis_core qgsgml.cpp qgsogrutils.cpp qgsvectorfilewriter.cpp -- error
> undefined reference to `OGR_G_ExportToIsoWkb'
> undefined reference to `OGR_F_SetFieldInteger64'
> I can provide a more complete message but this is a user forum.
> And where should I post these types of messages?

Try: de dev-list:

Looks like you build with other OGR/GDAL then you have installed? Or you
have several GDAL versions installed?


Richard Duivenvoorde

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