Il 25/06/2016 17:38, Paolo Cavallini ha scritto:
> Il 20/06/2016 13:07, Paolo Cavallini ha scritto:
>> Il 19/06/2016 15:36, Tom Chadwin ha scritto:
>>> Your opinion had been mine, but more than one QGIS user looked very
>>> discouraged when I answered their question "How do I get my qgis2web map
>>> online?"
>>> We are up against the end-to-end ArcGIS Online ease of use, in my opinion.
>>> As you say, if we can help a significant proportion of users, it should be
>>> considered.
>> Agreed, having a readymade solution would be a major plus.
>> Perhaps we can use GitHub for this?
>> I understand they have some support for maps, but never explored it fully.
>> All the best, and thanks a lot for the suggestion, quite important in my
>> experience.
> any news on that? I think it might be relatively easy, and a great
> improvement for many users and the project as a whole.

Hi all,
I resurrect this old thread, which I think is still worth of attention.
I opened a ticket not to forget about it:
Perhaps the plugin authors whose output could use this function could
join and do something together.
I'm also interested and available for help.
All the best.
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