Dear Evan,

thanks, I could get the same result using org2ogr.
I would like to get point layer at the same time not "only" an attribute table.


On Sat, 29 Oct 2016, Even Rouault wrote:

Le samedi 29 octobre 2016 10:18:57, Siki Zoltan a écrit :

I tried to use csv/csvt files to add Delimited Text Layer.
The widths of the fields are not considered by QGIS when saving into other
formats. In the layer properties dialog the width and precision of fields
are zeros after loading csv/csvt. I suppose the width and precision of
fields should be preserved after reading of csv/csvt files.

I tested it in QGIS 2.2/2.8/2.14 but I got maximal width for fields
(depending on the field type, character 254, float 23.15) when I save the
file as a shapefile.

My csvt file:

My csv file:

Is it a feature or bug?
Any workaround?

If you open through the OGR provider (Add vector layer), this will work. Note
that the OGR CSV driver will warn (if you do ogrinfo for example) that the
values in the z field do not respect the Real(7.2) formatting


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