I suspect you already received an answer to this, but
I didn't see it.

I opened your file, did a save in my 2.14.3-Essen on
Win10 64 bit, closed QGIS, opened your file again, did
a QGIS2Web export and the result is:

So it didn't work for me either.

Hopefully I will find where somebody else solved
this problem.


On 10/18/2016 10:14 AM, qgis-user-requ...@lists.osgeo.org wrote:

All info about my issue:

I made a nice map, which’d like to publish online.
my map gives no result when trying to export with QGIS2Web.

I’m just a poor lonesome mapper, and know nothing about coding, I cannot even define what the issue is.

more info at

with this link you can find:
- A consolidated project including all data (made in QGIS 2.14 on MacOS10.11) -some screen grabs from the Qgis2web UI with results and/or error messages

as you can see, result is far from the original.

Thanks for having a look at it.


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