On 04-11-16 15:07, Michael.Dodd wrote:
> Have just installed 2.18 and got the normal plugins I use but then
> wanted to try another one and got the message that the official plugins
> directory is unavailable, not sure if this is to do with the parameter
> value 2.18

Hi Michael,

can you please try again?

FYI: this is the url that is retrieved for the xml containing the plugin


because every request to this url is a query into the database, our
backend had a hard time some months ago. So Alessandro (in cc) added a
caching mechanisme [0] in which the server itself retrieves the xml for
all QGIS versions and saves them on the cache.

In that way calling the ?qgis=??? url does not stress the server too
much. BUT with the recent release I forgot the add the new version
number in the script [0], so no caching, so stress on the server etc etc
etc :-)

NOW it is cached again, and shouls work. I think in your specific case
you had a timeout because of 'server stress'..


Richard Duivenvoorde

[0] https://github.com/qgis/QGIS-Django/blob/master/scripts/get_plugins_xml

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